I'm a big believer in process.  Plants don't grow without being properly planted in the right place, watered and fertilized on a proper schedule, and weeded at the right times.  Football teams don't win championships without practicing fundamentals, working hard to understand the playbook, and executing the plays (a nod to Coach Saban at Alabama? ... you better believe it!).  By the same token, your business' brand and focused communications don't just "happen."  It takes a process to do things right.  Here's what you can expect from Kudzu Studio's process:


I want to know all about you and your business.  Not necessarily how you do what you do, but why you do what you do.  Why does your business exist?  What makes what you do different than any other business ... especially your competition?  What do you love about your business? 

If you're wondering about those answers for Kudzu Studio, you can check them out here.  But, you'll really get to know more about me if we sit down to talk.  Let me know when you're ready!


Now's the time to be honest.  Self-evaluation can be daunting, but an honest evaluation of your current situation is the first step to developing a solid plan.  What does your current brand look like — solid, inconsistent, irrelevant, strong, nonexistent? 

Once we get it on the table and take a look at some relevant data, we can begin to develop a focused plan for your brand.


Great ideas fall flat and have no relevance if they are not based on a plan.  Once we have a plan from the Focus stage of the process we'll have some guiding principals to use as litmus test for all of our fun, creative ideas.  Creativity with a purpose is one of the things that will set your brand apart from the others.



This is where the rubber meets the road.  After all of the discussion, planning, and imagining, your brand and collateral materials begin to come to life.  All of the design work is done in collaboration with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the direction it's taking.

Once the design work is done, Kudzu Studio doesn't just hand it off to you so that you are burdened with making sure everything is properly executed.  On the contrary.  Kudzu Studio actually constructs all of its digital media (and does quite a bit of print work) in-house.  I also have several trusted partner vendors I work with to make sure that not only are your materials done well, but they are also done in a timely manner and at a great price.


Whew!  After all of those steps the work is finally done! ... or is it?  Not a chance!  What good is putting yourself out there if you're not sure who has heard your message, how they've heard it, how and why they responded to what you had to say, and if they only responded to one of your messages or multiple messages? 

Understanding the effectiveness of your communications is a powerful thing, and Kudzu Studio is here to guide you in responding to that information.